2018 Chevy Traverse | Neue Chevy Traverse 2018 Review Deutsch

2018 Chevy Traverse | Neue Chevy Traverse 2018 Review Deutsch

2018 Chevy Traverse | Neue Chevy Traverse 2018 Review Deutsch

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The new Traverse RS equipment is remarkable, as the sporty version of the Traverse only comes with front-wheel drive and a four-liter cylinder with a 2.0-liter with 255 hp. The Turbo Four has more torque than the V-6, with 295 lb-ft, but does not seem to meet the black trim of the RS model, claiming racial suspension tuning with a real performance advantage.

Both variants of RS and V-6 powered equipment (consisting of L, LS, LT, Premier and High Country) are installed as standard with a new 9-speed automatic transmission and engine stop / start GM system. This increase contributes significantly to fuel savings. Chevrolet estimates that the V-6 front-wheel drive model is rated 18/25-mpg city / highway, while the front-drive gets only four cylinders of RS 20/23 mpg. Even if this 2.0T highway number looks low, each engine offers a huge jump across the current Traverse V-6, which gets a 15/22 mpg city / highway that does not rely on a powered wheel.

The four-wheel drive is optional on the V-6 model, and top-country variants come with the same rear torque vectoring axle found on the Acadia All-Terrain and Cadillac XT5. New high-country models are also ready to increase cross profitability; While the traverse currently sells at a lower average transaction price than its competitors, this new model (which shares its name with the Silverado trim level) can start around $ 50,000 and compete with other full crossovers like the Ford Explorer Platinum and the Honda Pilot Touring Elite.

Seven and eight person configurations are offered, with the bottom trim line having three second and third row seats and two more chic Captain chairs in the middle row. The family appreciates the fast open seat in the second row, allowing easy access to the third row, although Chevrolet limits the function of swaying to the passenger side only. However, the list of available Traverse features is expected to be long and includes Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, hands-free tailgate, GM rear-recall, 360-degree camera and active safety features such as adaptive cruise control and automatic emergency braking.

Chevrolet will not announce pricing details until it approaches Traverse 2018 sales this year, but L, LS and LT lowest levels expect them to stay in the $ 30,000 to $ 40,000 range. RS should be slightly higher between LT and Premier models, with High Country at the top of the lineup.

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