Audi A8 2019 | New 2019 Audi A8 Review – Bursting with tech, including a foot massager!

Audi A8 2019 | New 2019 Audi A8 Review – Bursting with tech, including a foot massager!

Audi A8 2019 | New 2019 Audi A8 Review – Bursting with tech, including a foot massager!
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REVIEW ; All A8s, regardless of the market and engine, will have some kind of hybrid help. In most versions, this is manifested with a 48 volt alternator/starter connected to the motor by the accessory strap. This device, which is matched with a Turbo 3.0-Liter V-6 and an automatic eight-speed at the base A8 and is good for an estimated power 340, cannot move the car under electric power alone. Instead, it stimulates efficiency by expanding the window to use the auto-start engine shutdown and increasing the amount of energy recaptured while cabotage. The automatic off-start can stop the motor gears as high as 14 MPH and now use the camera to read the surroundings of the car. For example, the A8 engine restarts when the moving vehicle begins to move, even if the driver’s foot remains on the brake. Between 34 and 99 mph, the A8 will be on the coast for up to 40 seconds when the pilot takes off the accelerator pedal.

This system differs from the electrical architectures of the Bentley Bentayga and the Audi SQ7. At these crossovers, a 12-volt alternator provides power to the 48 volt subsystems. On the A8, the power is generated and stored via alternator/belt starter and a 48 volt lithium ion battery that is responsible for charging a 12 volt lead-acid battery that feeds traditional accessories such as assisted handling. , Electric windows and air-conditioned seating.

The 48 volt circuit also feeds the A8 active suspension, the first achievement of a promise we’ve been waiting for since Bose built a Lexus LS400 prototype at the beginning of the 00s. Although the media are different here, the end result is the same. With optional equipment, the A8 can lift a wheel on a bump or drive a force across the suspension to lift the body in relation to the wheel.

An electric fist sized motor in each corner acts through a Warp wave gear with a reduction ratio of about 200:1, a torsion bar, a Titanium torsion tube, and a toggle arm to give up to 811 lb-ft of effort. Torque to meet or prolong suspension. When it is responsible for improving the quality of the driving, the motors can reduce the force transported in the cockpit and lift the body a little before the impact to increase the movement of the suspension in a hump. Working to improve the handling, the system counteracts the body roll. Under normal conditions, the active suspension takes the entrances of the camera mounted behind the windshield, the wheel position sensors at each corner, and the accelerometers mounted on the body.

Speaking of technology jumps, if the corner mounted radar detects an imminent side impact, the suspension motors elevate the near side of the body by 3.1 inches to better orient the forces through the cross beams on the floor of the Vehicle. The active suspension system replaces the traditional anti-roll bar and results in a net weight gain of approximately 110 lbs. It works in conjunction with adaptive shock absorbers and pneumatic springs that still increase the path of the A8 and the handling bandwidth. The optional four-wheel steering will be combined with a variable active ratio in the front steering column.

A 4.0-liter V-8 turbocharger, good for about 460 horsepower, will join the lineup sometime after launch. The 2 6 and eight-cylinder diesels are off-the-table for the United States, and it seems unlikely that we will get the 577-HP W-12 engine that Europeans will enjoy. Audi of America has not yet decided whether it will import the A8L e-Tron Quattro. Those hybrid model sandwiches plug an electric/generator engine between its 3.0-liter V-6 gas and gearbox for a total power of 443 horsepower. Your lithium-ion battery can be recharged by the inductive wireless charge and must deliver up to 31000 electric range as measured by the European forgiveness certification methodology.

We are told that the A8 announces a new era of design for the Audi brand as the first design of blank sheets, as Marc Liche took control of the design team three and a half years ago. Most of the time, however, the A8 looks like another iteration of what we have already seen in the new A5 and Q7, with its large single-frame grille, pleated bonnet, and a character development line of the body side of the Shutline hood. , newcarcrash
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