Blendtec Commercial Stealth 895 Blender – Overview & Demo

Blendtec Commercial Stealth 895 Blender – Overview & Demo

Imagine blending a drink in the same cup you’re handing to your customer. The Blendtec Commercial Stealth 895 NBS Blender uses an innovative Nitro Blending System (NBS) which helps minimize waste & makes the blending process more efficient to save time & money. The NBS allows you to add ingredients & blend directly into the Solo-style plastic cup given to the customer from 12- to 32-oz sizes. In as little as 20 seconds, blend your customer’s drink & be ready for the next one. When using a standard blender jar, you waste 15-20% on average – there’s always smoothie or drink leftover in a typical blender jar you can’t get out or fit into a customers cup. When you use your own cup with the NBS, you’ll cut down waste to just 1-2%. The Blendtec 895 can save your business time with faster blends and money with reduced food waste.

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