BMW 1 Series 2018 | New BMW 1 Series 2018 Review And Specs

BMW 1 Series 2018 | New BMW 1 Series 2018 Review And Specs

BMW 1 Series 2018 | New BMW 1 Series 2018 Review And Specs
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The BMW 1 Series is a compact Premium hatchback family designed with the same Audi A3, Volkswagen Golf and Mercedes A-Class rivals.

This is the only car in this class with the kind of rear wheel set up, most commonly found on sports cars, and it comes with a wide range of pretty powerful engines-both gasoline and diesel-and is available in three doors or Five-door versions available.

Although it is not the most convenient tailgate, but it is much more spacious than the original 1 series that you can read here.

Although this version and the previous generation of the series 1 have reached the success of sales, it is likely that the new model due in 2017 will be based on the basics of the series 2-tourer active model of the German company, which front Traction. This platform is also shared with the mini-tailgate and the BMW X1 and forms the basis of many future BMW and mini-cars.

However, the current rear wheel drive is series 1 rounds and handles with some degree of sophistication, and we think it is also interesting to consider whether you are going for anything from a cheap company car to a Extreme, in the form of economic 116D, to a stonking, no holds barred Hot Luke, in the form of SWIFT M140i, on the other.

Continue reading on the following pages to get our deep impressions on all the models in Series 1, as well as our recommendations for the trim levels and engines that we think you should choose.

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