BMW 6 2018 | 2018 BMW 6-series Gran Turismo Revealed: 5 Grows into 6

BMW 6 2018 | 2018 BMW 6-series Gran Turismo Revealed: 5 Grows into 6

BMW 6 2018 | 2018 BMW 6-series Gran Turismo Revealed: 5 Grows into 6
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If you wonder why the successor of the series BMW 6 will be called the series 8, although it will be practically identical in size, it is by this car: the series 6 great Tourism, which raises its previous designation of the series 5 and taking the number that , once observed the sexiest coup├ęs of BMW.

Despite the change in number, the great BMW sedan is placed in the same niche and has exactly the same wheelbase as its predecessor. The proportions, however, have been adjusted to some effect. The new model is 3.8 inches longer and 1.0 inch lower than the outgoing model, while the width is virtually identical. Not a big difference, but the new car is a little more enjoyable to look at than the 5-series GT. Of course, the Hofmeister crease writhes beyond recognition, and we can’t for the life of US draw a connection to really any 6-series in history, but we don’t see many people who believe that the model X Tesla is beautiful to have a meat with this Bi Mmer.

Some of the predecessor’s oddities have disappeared. The bulkhead that consumes the space between the rear seats and the trunk is gone; He was there to insulate the sedan cab open, but BMW understood that the back seats would insulate the cabin very well. And the complex of the tailgate, which could be fully opened or by a separate trunklid at the back of the rear window, is discarded in favor of a single-piece door. The previous system, in the words of BMW, allowed the access of the trunk “without disturbing the rear passengers.” We thought the kids and all adults with chauffeur will be able to cope with the back door of a nice piece.

In the American market, we only get the 640I Gran Turismo Xdrive, which means it is equipped with full traction and the BMW Turbo B58 3.0-liter online-six, rated at 335 horsepower and 332 lb-ft of torque. Without surprise, there is only one transmission: the ubiquitous ZF 8HP with eight automatic speeds. The declared time zero-a-60-mph is an energetic 5.1 seconds; Fuel economy figures, however, are not yet available.

Entered by generously sized doors with frameless windows, the interior is spacious and well equipped, and seems particularly good with ivory white seats, one of the three optional colors of Napa leather (other leather curtains Dakota are available as standard). The Conservative-style dashboard comes directly from the series 5 sedan. And there’s a cavernous trunk, capable of holding between 31 and 65 cubic feet of things. Like all BMW’s grand tourism models, the 6 GT series has a high seating position, the disadvantage of which is a high center of gravity, a detriment to manipulation.

A principle of series 6 to which this model will be considered dear is to order an important premium in the series 5 on which it is based. Ride the dealerships this fall with a starting price of $70 695, $10 950 more than a sedan Xdrive 540i and $6500 in the outgoing 535i Xdrive Gran Turismo. But the great tourism is not a 5 plus-C ‘ est to 6, so it must be more valuable.


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