How To Luxury Vinyl vs Laminate vs Hardwood

How To Luxury Vinyl vs Laminate vs Hardwood

Learn how to Install 4 different types of flooring and discover which one is right for you. You may be surprised!

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In this video we will be showing different techniques for different types of flooring. Not all floors are installed the same and some require special tools for a professional result. click laminate for instance requires to be cut outside or the use of a special compression cutting tool that is hardly ever talked about. This product ideal for bedrooms and basements that require a low cost finishing.

The other style of laminate is a luxury product with a long life span and a locking system for the joints that require it to be hammered together to secure the lock. Most people think this install is incorrect since they have never installed it before or never take the time to learn how to lock it. This faulty installation results in the board separating over time and huge inconvenience. this product will perform well in every area of your home but I would not suggest using it in entry areas kitchens or bathrooms.

Vinyl plank is similar to luxury laminate in that they too have a lock together system. Be careful though not all vinyl products are the same and the big box stores carry products with entirely different locking systems.This product can be used in every area of your home since it does not expand and contract and is impervious to water. it can be a low cost solution or a high end finish that is warm on the feet in a basement.

The last flooring system is hardwood. This video shows how to install 3/4 solid hardwood and all the tricks that go with it. Please be careful when doing your own project as there are many different types of construction out there and some require a paper between sud floor and hardwood and some require a vapor barrier. This is a perfect solution for homes that require high end finishes. it can be used in a kitchen or a powder room but not recommended in a bathroom. careful product handling before and during installation is required to avoid tragic results. It also will expand and contract leaving gaps if the home is not conditioned well or has no humidity controls.

As with all things keep in mind the building code in your area. it changes from state to state due to best practices for your weather conditions and climate.

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