How to Repair a Chipped Bathroom Tile

How to Repair a Chipped Bathroom Tile

Do You have an ugly Chipped tile and you don’t want to replace the floor? Follow these steps to repair it and save your money!

Bathroom Renovation series part 8 of 9

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Every Homeowner understands the need to do repairs vs replacement when something gets damaged. Having things in good working order helps to protect your investment and especially keeping the bathroom tile in good condition makes it easier to clean and reduces opportunity for water damage and bacteria to proliferate. In this video I will share a time tested and proven system to repair a chip in the ceramic or porcelain tile that is quick and easy. Bathroom renovations don’t always go as planned so having trade secrets at your disposal to solve life’s little problems can go a long way to creating a long lasting beautiful bathroom renovation you can be proud of and you can do it yourself.

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