How to Repair Nail Pops !

How to Repair Nail Pops !

Having a System to Repair Nail Pops is a must for every DIYer. Here is a fast and Perfect Fix Anyone Can Do!

Here is the link for the secret to making great repair mud.

This is one of those problems that everyone who has ever painted before will be all too familiar with. Repairing the nail pop and knowing how to patch it easily and quickly makes finding one less stressful and allows you to finish the project Perfect Every Time. Cheers!

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The process is simple. First you need to remove the drywallscrew or nail that is the problem. Then you install a drywallscrew 1″ above the damaged wall and 1″ below t to compress the drywall tightly to the stud.

Before you try filling the damage with drywall compound install a drywallscrew in to the damaged wall board and leave it sitting just a little further installed than flush. This will leave you with 3 indentations that can be filled in 1 pass with a quickset drywall compound.

after you have mixed and applied the quickset use a hair dryer to help to speed up the process of drying. You can also use warm water when mixing to speed this up as well.

once the surface is dry and hard you can lightly sand with a sanding sponge or use a wet sponge. If you use a wet sponge then you need to use the hairdryer to quickly dry the compound once a gain. This is helpful if you don’t want to create any dust where you are making the repair.

now use kilz aerosol spry to prime the new patch and wait 5 minutes for the sealer to dry. Once that step is finished apply a coat of paint with a brush and let dry 10 minutes. after the paint is dry apply a second coat and texture with a mini roller or dry sponge to make the patch texture consistent with the rest of the wall.

Now you have completed the process of repairing a nail pop in drywall. Cheers!


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